Apple meringue and Tarte tatin

Serves 4-6

50g butter

500g apples, peeled, cored and cut into quarters

2cm stick cinnamon

4 cloves

2 egg whites

120g sugar

1 tsp cornflour

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Apple picking

I don’t usually shop in the supermarket but I found myself in one last week, trying to buy some fruit in a hurry. Apples are my first choice at this time of year, and England has had a good season for them. Scanning the shelves, I struggled to find a single apple that had been grown in the UK.

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Toffee apples

Recently I was asked to make toffee apples.

When was the last time you actually ate a toffee apple? I don’t think I’ve had one since I was a child, but I still feel that I know them like I had one yesterday.

That hard, smooth shell and the weightiness of the coated apple held on a fine stick. Then there’s that first bite into it. You almost wonder if your teeth will get through the armour. But they do. And the surprise is that after the cracking toffee, the apple, usually so crunchy, feels almost soft in contrast.

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Autumn produce from the garden

We had a great harvest of squash this season. I’ve been having fun experimenting with cooking them in different ways and finding out what works best for the different varieties. The Crown Prince (blue green squash on the bottom left) is full of flavour but a bit floury, so perfect for a soup. The onion squash (top left with stripes) made a fantastic risotto, embellished with chorizo and thyme.

For other ideas, have a look at some squash recipes I wrote for the Guardian.

Roasted squash and trevise with lamb chops:

Squash gnocchi:

In One Pot

In One Pot

“A book for those who like to cook for family and friends but have no wish to spend hours prepping or washing up. From sweet to savoury, slow braises to speedy supper dishes and picnic food to something celebratory, all the recipes can be cooked in one pot”

My latest book, In One Pot, was published in February 2014.