Accidental foraging, a handful of leaves

A walk on Devon moorland recently led me to some great foraging opportunities, including some plants I’d never picked before.ImageWild wood purslane

I found myself in a sea of tiny pink flowers, beautiful in their own right, but then discovered their leaves are edible too. Wood purslane have small, succulent leaves with a fresh, faintly lemony taste, very similar to the larger purslane salad, sold in bunches in Middle Eastern vegetable shops. I like to add a handful of them to other green leaves, possibly with some sliced radishes and a light lemon and oil dressing.

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Morocco – down by the sea


A few weeks ago I went to Morocco. Not the Morocco of hectic souks, dusty streets and busy traffic that I’d seen before. This time I visited a stretch of coast line where fields lead down towards the sea.  A salt-water lagoon lies along the length of the coast, separated from the rough sea by a narrow ridge of land. The water in the lagoon rises and falls with the tide, and at low tide, figures could be seen stooping over, plucking clams and mussels from the sand. On the marshy shore line we collected thick bunches of green samphire and bought lobsters from the fishermen who had just hauled in the morning’s catch.

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