The best London kitchen shops for the FT Magazine

I don’t know about you, but I love a good kitchen shop. I could happily spend hours browsing beautiful French casserole pots and handmade serving dishes or aspiring to a set of Japanese knives. Just as enjoyable is seeking out an unusual and extremely useful piece of equipment (a chinoise sieve or pastry scraper) and get the satisfying feeling of having found it.

When preparing for the photo shoot of my next cookbook, Egg, which will be out in Spring, I scoured London looking for additional props to supplement those that the food stylist provided. While searching for the perfect items, there were always one or two pieces I felt I needed for my own kitchen at home. Giant ice cube trays from the Conran shop, a beautiful glass trifle bowl, a Mauviel copper bain-marie. They had a debut infront of the camera and now are happy and needed additions to my kitchen. I like an uncluttered space and for everything in it to be useful, look good and wear well. It’s always worth investing in beautiful, good quality things. Like buying special clothes or furniture, they last through the seasons and give great pleasure too.

I was delighted that the FT Weekend Magazine wanted to hear which my favourites were. Here they are, and I hope you’ll share your favourites with me too, wherever they are in the world.

FT kitchen shops


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