Florence – my best places to eat and things to see

A Postcard from Florence: my best picks of places to eat and things to see..

A view from the Uffizi gallery of Ponte Vecchio,

A view from the Uffizi gallery of the Arno with Ponte Vecchio in the foreground

Cibreo, Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 8

I loved this place so much, we visited for lunch and dinner in the same weekend. It serves dainty plates of unusual antipasti made to a high standard but without any fussiness. As we sat down, we were brought little bowls of almonds ground with oil and bread, served as a type of spread. Next came the lightest, creamiest, chicken liver pate (the best I’ve tried in Tuscany, where it is a speciality) on crostini. It was served alongside a small square of baked ricotta and borage. In the evening there was fresh sheep’s ricotta, Brussels sprouts lightly pickled in vinegar and oil, sweet carrots with onion but the most unusual and exciting dish was a moulded, strained yoghurt with turmeric, lemon and a little cumin, which we asked for at both meals. A delicate tripe taster was cooked with chilli and vinegar and oil, the daintiest way I’ve ever seen it prepared.

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